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Weedbusters, LLC follows a simple philosophy of getting to the root of the issue. We offer various warranties based on the specific job. With over 30 years of experience, owner/operator Fred Harvey has mastered the art of creating the proper combination of herbicides killing the targeted weeds, without harming ornamental vegetation.

We all know that weeds thrive in Phoenix, Tucson and Southern Arizona. Not only can they be unsightly, but the weeds can deprive your gardens, and other ornamental plants of water and nutrients they require. Weedbusters can prevent the growth of weeds with our Pre-Emergent application.

Our Pre-Emergent weed application kills the weed in its germination stage, without harming your desired plants and trees.   It is easier and more cost effective to “KILL THE WEED WHILE it’s a SEED”.

Existing weeds are killed through application of Post- Emergent herbicides, which are sprayed directly onto the unwanted weeds; thus killing the weed to the root.

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